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the Rabble Rousers string band

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Past Tour Dates


JULY 3 & 4: Rooney Mountain "Lucky Dawgz Daze of Summer", Deposit NY
JULY 10-11: Fetish Fest  (
JULY 20: ABC cafe, Ithaca NY
AUGUST 14: Private Wedding 
SEPTEMBER 18: Newfield Old Home Days
September 24: The Nines, Ithaca NY (with the Hog-Tie Sessions)!!
OCTOBER 23: Private Wedding


November 28: WVBR (90.5 FM) "Nonesuch Show"

@ 12:00


December 19: WVBR Salt Creek show  (6:30-9) prerecorded inteview and music!!

December 22:  The Nines, Ithaca NY @ 8:00
(with The Blooms)

meet the blooms!

February 5, The Music Pub, Norwich NY, 9:30-1:00
February 11, The Nines, Ithaca NY, 10:00-1:00
With Richie Stearns

April 2, Saturday:  Old time Square Dance party, Close Hall, Trumansburg NY  8:00 p.m.

April 16, Saturday:  The Rongo (Trumansburg, NY)
                                    playing with The Hillbetties  (bluegrass) 
                               10:00 p.m.

May 6, Friday:  Pre-show reception for "Tunes for the Trail" (to benefit the Cayuga Waterfront Trail) 
Holiday Inn, Ithaca   5:00 p.m.

May 7, Saturday:  Private Party

May 14, Saturday:  The Nines, collegetown, Ithaca NY                     
                                with... Richie Stearns!

Saturday, July 4: Ithaca Festival, the commons

Saturday, June 18Old-time Square Dance at Close Hall, Jackonsvile NY (halfway between Ithaca and Trumansburg on Rte. 96) 
8:00 p.m.

Sunday, June 26: PRIVATE PARTY

Thursday, June 30Ithaca Farmers' Market  3:00-7:00

Saturday, July 9PRIVATE PARTY

Friday/Saturday, July 8 & 9Fetish Fest, Guilford NY 
For information:

Thursday, July 14Ithaca Farmers' Market  3:00-7:00


Friday/Saturday September 2-4Muse Fest, Ithaca NY 
A great music festival for the independent music scene. 
For tickets and schedule: 

Saturday, September 17Newfield Fiddler's Festival 

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Saturday, September 17"American Jubilee" @ the Rongo in Trumansburg NY. 

SATURDAY, October 1:  Private party

SATURDAY, January 14:  Square Dance, benefit, Spencer-Van Etten NY

June 3: Red Barn, Deposit NY

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